Shopping for a TV Stand? Make Sure you Consider these 5 Essential Specifications if your in the market for TV Stands or Mounts

You're getting calls from friends hoping for an invite to your house to watch the Sunday game. You have never seen your kids smile so much in their short lives. Even the cable guy is lingering. Yes, you are the man, proud owner of a super high-definition, flat panel, plasma TV. Who wouldn't be impressed? But you notice that something is missing. The remote? No. The Popcorn? Nope. And then it hits you - where and on what are you going to put this thing?

You might be thinking about mounting it to the living room wall. But after soberly contemplating that painful task, you decide it might be best to find a good TV stand. But what kind should you buy? Should you go simple and just get something to sit the TV on or go all out and get an entertainment center? Where are you going to put it and will it always stay there? These questions and more must be answered if you are to end up with a television stand that meets your needs for the long run. To that end, I have a short list of the five most important areas to look at when purchasing the stand to go with that uber-awesome TV.


When purchasing a TV stand, you will want to consider the dimensions of the unit before purchase. It is going to take some planning, as you need to decide where you are going to place the television in your home. Set depth is also an important consideration. Can your TV sit comfortably and securely on this stand? Is the stand too large for your TV, making your expensive flat screen look cheap? Also, make sure that your television will sit at eye-level when you are seated in front of it. The height of the stand will affect this.


Price is obviously an important part of any buying decision. TV stands are notoriously expensive. But remember, quality and price do not always relate. If you plan to purchase a stand from the electronics store you bought your TV from, you will likely pay more. These places do not specialize in television stands and usually have just a few models available. It might be better to seek out a furniture store or a web-based TV stand shop. They will offer many more models and at several price levels, which gives you the variety you need to make the right purchase.


Often this one is overlooked. Make sure your stand can hold the weight of the TV set you plan to put on it. Can it hold it for more than a few weeks? Does it look well-supported? Just because someone calls a piece of molded metal or wood a TV stand, doesn't mean it is of good quality and has been tested for stability. Look on the box your television came in and get the weight measurements. Then, match those measurements against the specs of the stand. If the stand does not have weight specifications, call the manufacturer or go with another stand.


This is obvious and important. You have likely dropped a lot of money on your brand new HDTV, therefore it would be a shame to sit it on a third-generation coffee table. It is important to match the style of the TV to the style of the stand. If you bought a sleek, black Plasma, you might want a stand with a modern look. If however, you are just replacing a stand for an older TV, you may be less concerned. There are various types of stands available, including hanging stands, sliding stands with mounts, and the more common floor-based models. Especially with entertainment centers, some people prefer a TV stand that looks more like an armoire than a media center.


Lastly, when shopping for a TV stand, always think ahead. What might you want to do with this TV? Are you going to attach a DVR, DVD Player, Game System, Computer, or any other external component? Will you be attaching the TV to a stereo or speaker system? Does it need room for additional display items, such as picture frames, or a lamp? You don't want to make such a purchase without thinking through your potential uses for the stand and where it might be needed.


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