Important Things to Consider When Choosing a TV Stand

Imagine the scene, you have worked hard for the last 4 months, waiting to purchase that brand new, top of the range TV just in time for your team's big final. You go to the store, you pick out the perfect set with surround sound, high definition, all the gadgets and more. It will look perfect in your lounge. You take it back, unwrap the box and hook it up to your TV connection, sit back and enjoy...Only to find out, your old TV stand is too big for this new state of the art LCD screen. What an eyesore!!

So you now need a new TV stand, but after spending a fortune on a TV, you don't want to mess the look up with an impractical, ugly TV stand. So here we have the perfect buyers guide to finding the correct TV stand.

When considering what TV stand you need to buy you need to consider a number of things; the size/weight of the TV, the size of the stand, the position of the stand, the look of your new TV/room, and finally the price. First of all, the most important aspect of buying a TV stand is ensuring the TV will actually fit on the stand comfortably, without the stand being exerted to so much weight. A sturdy stand is important, especially if you ever plan to add any extra weight (drinks, books, DVD's) to ensure it doesn't wobble or break. As important as the stand being big enough is also ensuring that the stand isn't too big. Large TV stands can create a significant eyesore and make your new state of the art television, look completely out of place.

As silly as it sounds, the position of the TV stand is also very important when choosing a stand. If you are unsure of where to put the TV, a corner stand will restrict the positioning of the TV without it taking up unwanted space. A simple thin rectangular stand however can restrict the direct at which you turn the TV, if you are planning for it to face a certain seating section. Obviously your next TV will look pretty flash once out of the box with its sleep thin design, which could instantly be ruined by a chunky outdated stand. A sleep style that fits in with the design of your TV will really enhance the look, both during viewing and when turned off. Manufactures of TV' usually have TV stand packages which will normally follow a similar style to that of the TV.

Finally, the most important factor to consider...The price! After spending a fortune on a TV, the chances of you wanting to spend an awful lot more on the TV stand are very low. Price is always something that people will consider, and if we are honest, everyone forgets about the added extra of TV stands when purchasing their band new TV. There are plenty of great online resources to help with this buying decision, and with a little due diligence, you should be able to find the perfect TV stand at an excellent price.


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