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Shopping for a TV Stand? Make Sure you Consider these 5 Essential Specifications if your in the market for TV Stands or Mounts

You're getting calls from friends hoping for an invite to your house to watch the Sunday game. You have never seen your kids smile so much in their short lives. Even the cable guy is lingering. Yes, you are the man, proud owner of a super high-definition, flat panel, plasma TV. Who wouldn't be impressed? But you notice that something is missing. The remote? No. The Popcorn? Nope. And then it hits you - where and on what are you going to put this thing?You might be thinking about mounting it to the living room wall. But after soberly contemplating that painful task, you decide it might be best to find a good TV stand. But what kind should you buy? Should you go simple and just get something to sit the TV on or go all out and get an entertainment center? Where are you going to put it and will it always stay there? These questions and more must be answered if you are to end up with a television stand that meets your needs for the long run. To that end, I have a short list of the five most important areas to look...


Important Things to Consider When Choosing a TV Stand

Imagine the scene, you have worked hard for the last 4 months, waiting to purchase that brand new, top of the range TV just in time for your team's big final. You go to the store, you pick out the perfect set with surround sound, high definition, all the gadgets and more. It will look perfect in your lounge. You take it back, unwrap the box and hook it up to your TV connection, sit back and enjoy...Only to find out, your old TV stand is too big for this new state of the art LCD screen. What an eyesore!! So you now need a new TV stand, but after spending a fortune on a TV, you don't want to mess the look up with an impractical, ugly TV stand. So here we have the perfect buyers guide to finding the correct TV stand. When considering what TV stand you need to buy you need to consider a number of things; the size/weight of the TV, the size of the stand, the position of the stand, the look of your new TV/room, and finally the price. First of all, the most important aspect of buying a TV stand is ensuring the TV ...


A Corner Entertainment Center: More Styles Than You Can Imagine!

I was recently shopping around for a corner entertainment center, and was surprised by the selection available. I had only seen small units before that your TV sits upon, with maybe a few shelves beneath for the dvd player, game units etc. But what I found was a lot more impressive, units ranging from full furniture pieces to the smaller units I was familiar with and everything in between. Lets take a look at some of the available styles.One of the first units I saw, which is the type I like on a regular wall unit, is an armoire. I had no idea that you could get a corner entertainment center in an armoire style! I love being able to close off the tv, especially when it is kept in the living room. Because of the corner style, the doors fold back (versus sliding) to reveal the TV and other components. On many armoire units, the TV is kept in a cabinet on top and the components are on the bottom, so those units had four doors. Other units had just two full length doors. This is a great option if you only have ro...


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